At SMP our ideal candidates have excellent legal reasoning skills, the ability to learn new areas of law, and a willingness to work hard in a challenging, yet rewarding environment.

Together, in teams, interns, associates and partners work closely on a broad range of challenging cases and tasks. Work assigned to interns includes: legal research, drafting contracts, judicial documents and other legal documents, participating in negotiations, preparing for court hearings, and accompanying attorneys to court proceedings.

E.S.Shimron, I.Molho, Persky & Co. view our interns as an integral part of our team, and expect them to be responsible and dedicated, upholding our professional standards of quality and excellence.

In addition to outstanding legal capabilities, we look for interns who are excellent team players, flexible, thorough, precise, and accountable.

While the workload is demanding, we are committed to providing our interns with legal knowledge, professional know-how and tools to enable them to begin their journey in the legal world. After qualifying as lawyers, SMP makes every effort to employ its previous interns, where possible.

SMP employs ten interns: six in our Jerusalem office and four in our Tel Aviv branch.

If you believe you have the qualities mentioned, kindly send us your CV and grade transcripts to or