Practice Areas

Insolvency & Liquidation

SMP is one of Israel’s top firms in the areas of insolvency and liquidation, and has successfully handled some of the largest and most complex insolvency cases in Israel’s history.

Among others, managing partner Isaac Molho was appointed as Special Manager of the Heftsiba Group of companies, a large group of construction and property development companies, including both privately owned and publicly traded companies, the insolvency proceedings of which were the largest in scope, and possibly the most complex, in Israel’s history; Or Hadash, a construction cooperative, the liquidation of which involved completing the construction of an entire neighborhood and dealing with thousands of  apartment buyers and other creditors; Karta, a municipal company which left debts in excess of $100m, in which we were able to recover assets well in excess of the company’s original debts.

E.S.Shimron, I.Molho, Persky & Co. frequently appears before the courts, including the Supreme Court, in insolvency-related litigation proceedings and is frequently ranked among the top firms in insolvency and liquidation.

Key Contacts: Isaac Molho, Gil Ephrati, Eli Arbiv